Coming home

July 18, 2013 at 3:04 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday we moved Margaret from her nursing facility for the last three months, and brought her home. Since our daughter Anne helped me move her the last two times, I asked our son Paul to help. He and I packed her gear. The facility moved her in a van with wheelchair clamps. Our hospice nurse, Marta, arrived just after Paul and I led the van home. We had showers the last few hours, but as we moved Margaret inside there was no rain – thankfully. Paul was strong enough with Marta’s help to move Margaret from her wheelchair onto the hospice furnished bed. Paul unpacked the day dresses that she will be wearing and hung them conveniently. He helped a number of other ways while the hospice nurse was making her initial assessment that involved me.

We have an overnight sitter who turned her and changed her diaper as needed.

Margie slept most of yesterday afternoon and overnight, was awake for a short while and has been sleeping deeply. I often go to her bed to caress her and speak to her but with minimal response and to moisten her lips.

House cleaners cleaned the house just before Margaret came home. I think I have done all that I can to make these final days as peaceful as possible. At least she will be at home at the end of this life before she goes to “the Great Backup in the Sky” to retrieve her good memories taken by multiple strokes.


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